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Creative Stress Management Retreats
The Essence of Yoga is Silence

Too much “Monkey Mind” stimulation?
Send positive messages and rejuvenate your body!
Create openness and supple sensuality.
A personal retreat is an opportunity to unplug from your routine and embark on a journey of self care, deep rest and rejuvenation. It is a gentle way to recharge and enliven the spirit. Fine arts instruction will be offered as an opportunity to enliven creativity. Art making can be fun when we relax and let go, offering greater insight into their own self-awareness. Also, participants will be guided through a series of gentle body stretches. This uplifting simple practice detoxifies internal organs, increases flexibility and mental clarity. Every emotion we've ever experienced is encoded in the body, on a cellular level. As we intuitively move the body, emotions will be released and with letting go comes great freedom.
Avoiding discouragement in the mind creates stability reducing the scattered thoughts and noisy self-chatter. Common sense is key to restoring, improving and maintaining a state of optimal wellness. The body has an inherent ability to heal itself, by acting to identify and remove obstacles to its recovery. We just let go with the flow in a relaxed state of trusting and receiving and our chemistry changes.
Nutritional Medicine
Eating unhealthy food, long-term health issues, family dynamics, work demands and major transitions can trigger dis-ease. There is an intrinsic relationship between nutrition and wellness. In fact, synthetic supplements may not be necessary when we eat locally grown organic fruit and vegs. Herbs also provide vitamins and minerals that we need. Learn how to eat for your immune system. Let’s eat “outside the box”.
Physical Medicine
We will explore a set of gentle movements, deep breathing techniques and silent meditation. The body wants to move in all directions and where the body goes the mind follows. When we give attention to what is happening to the body, we begin to move through different emotions or biological changes with ease. We can change our habits when we change our beliefs and the mind-body relationship shapes what is being perceived. Until we fully understand this we will not change.
Deep Rest
When we subdue our feelings and desires the mind-traffic vanishes. Meditation refers to a state in which the mind-body is relaxed. Achieved when we explore exercise, deep-breathing and silent meditation practice. We can settle the mind and reduce so-called "stress hormones" like cortisol, simply by letting the mind relax into each movement, each breath. Integration of mind and body aids in the tolerance of difficulties, achieved by effortlessly bringing our attention inward. When our mind-body awareness increases, we experience the softening of the heart’s feelings and the loosening of accumulated strain and tension
Breath Work
Coordinated breathing stimulates the flow of nature’s intelligence necessary to fully integrate mind and body. Linking different postures together with the breath simultaneously increases strength, flexibility and endurance of the major muscle groups while enlivening vital balancing points on the body called “marma points.”
No time to get away?
These series of workshops can be presented as a condensed 2-hour Lunch n' Learn. Expanded into a half-day, whole day or multiple day seminars. Workshops and presentations can also be held at your place of business, academic setting, or private residence. Group Leaders are available to travel.

No previous art / yoga experience necessary.

Revive Your Spirit!
Recharge Your Body!
Cavelle has facilitated creative retreats and workshops in Spain, Switzerland, the Bahamas, USA and in Canada. Since the 1980s she has actively explored approaches to Stress Management attending retreats in monasteries and ashrams around the world. Cavelle thrives on change and invites others to leverage and enjoy the change in their lives, by encouraging openness to intuition, creativity and self-awareness. Her style is passionate, empowering and celebratory. For more information please contact Cavelle at this address.
“The workshop helped me to observe myself and my internal dialogue. Cavelle's coaching and being in a structured class, helped me to move forward despite my fears of not being skilled enough, or good enough and not knowing where the process was taking me. I appreciate the opportunity to apply mindfulness and presence to learning. It's a humbling and rewarding experience. Your message was loud and clear: "stay with the process and things will open up when you least expect it". I would recommend working with Cavelle to anyone of all ages and I particularly think that it would be a great avenue for a business person who wants to bring more creativity into their work. Doing art, meditation or even playing golf, forces you to let go of your habitual ways of thinking and to be in the present moment at one with what you are doing. To pay attention and to see, beyond your own concepts, what is right in front of you. When we can see in this way, a whole new world opens up and you see things you have never noticed before.” - Patrizia (Vancouver School Board)

“I had my first ever drawing lesson last week. It is something I have never felt confident enough to even try, feeling somehow that I wouldn't be able to do it. Slowly, with Cavelle's simple guidance my hand-mind began to free itself. It felt exciting to be able to come out with something that showed progress and so quickly! Now I know that Cavelle was right, I can draw and look forward to much more! What I liked is that Cavelle didn't make it too easy yet she trusted that I could do it and gave me skills to learn how.” - Jasjit (HR Specialist - Dancer)

“Cavelle combines her sketching lessons with wonderful music and lively conversation. Rather than proving a distraction, this leads to a sense of relaxation and focus as she guides her pupil's awareness along the path towards that final goal, which for me was to be able to sketch decently. The experience is enjoyable, uplifting, and all together quite brilliant.” - Dr. David G S Reid, Vancouver

“Cavelle consistently teaches the same basic concepts and reinforces them, with endless patience. To know of a concept and to internalize it is two different things. She has caused me to look at what I am doing in a way that will move me forward in my attempt to be a credible novice artist. Thanks, Cavelle.” - Jean McClure

"Cavelle is insightful with immediate feedback - on point when the students' struggle or reach an impasse.” - Mary Lynn, MFA. Artist

“I decided to use my summer holidays and get back to painting landscapes, after 25 years absent. In our week long Plein Air Course at Government House Gardens I learned to push forward, make mistakes, loosen up and be open to instruction.” - Charlotte